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Woodbrige VA - Are you moving to or considering living in Woodbridge VA and Prince WIlliam County?

Take Exit 158, 180 or 161 off of Interstate 95 and find out all about Woodbridge and northern Virginia.  We've called this corner of northern Virginia home for close to 40 years.  

Consider our site an insider's guide.  While all those years do not qualify us as "natives" or even lifelong residents of Prince William County, it is a long time to spend in one place - long enough to see considerable change and long enough to know what it's really like to live in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Many sites provide up to the minute local news on a variety of topics.  Others list the best of everything - without ever having set foot in Prince William County. 

Our focus is to share what it's like to 

  • Find a home in our diverse neighborhoods
  • Send your kids to local schools
  • Buy groceries and shop
  • Use the local services
  • Enjoy recreational resources and much more.  

It's all experienced, described and written from our point of view to include everything else we come across from day to day living in Woodbridge VA.

Belmont Bay OverlookBelmont Bay Overlook From Minnieville Road

Considering a move to this part of Prince William County?

Check out this local map to see how conveniently located we are in relation to major commuting destinations around Washington D.C.

In Prince William County, we're literally walking in the footsteps of history and within driving distance of national landmarks and natural wonders.

Add the abundant wildlife in our State parks, beautiful scenery, the proximity to the nation's capital and you have all the ingredients to living in Woodbridge and Northern Virginia. So come along and we'll provide first-hand information about living in Woodbridge and everything you need or want to know whether you are:

  • Relocating to this area for work, a permanent change of station or retirement
  • Questioning the length of the commute into D.C., Maryland or to points south
  • Wondering what you'll find here when you arrive,
  • Considering a stopover as you drive north or south on I-95
  • Or simply visiting Potomac Mills Mall as a weekend shopping warrior.
Be sure to contact us...we welcome the input of everyone living in Woodbridge VA.

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