Richard Scarry Board Books

Blast From The Past For The Kids Of All Ages

Richard Scarry Board Books -  Woodbridge, Virginia (August 2016) -- Every so often, I come across a Richard Scarry book that used to sit on my children's bookshelf.

These books bring back so many cherished memories.  The kids took them to fill the grandchildrens book shelves but let me check one more time - surely a Richard Scarry board book, even a Big Book, can still be found on their rooms.

Today, I received an email of reading "recommendations" based on my interests.   I had to laugh out loud.  Yes, before too long, a new school year will start in Prince William County, but Amazon dug deep for this recommendation!

They're off - age wise- by about sixty odd years.

Missing titles in your collection of board &"big" books?  ====> Complete Your Richard Scarry Book Set

The listing included a very familiar title - Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.

Richard Scarry's Best First Book EverRichard Scarry's Best First Book Ever

Yes - I saved all first print editions of Richard Scarry Busytown books my children collected when they were toddlers.  Did you?


Large format books made perfect bedtime story books.  We'd spend so much time looking at the detailed drawings!


The small chunky board books were the perfect size for little hands to hold, and easy to flip through on those long trips to Grandma's house and so colorful!


A few board books in our collection are seriously dog-eared - even slightly chewed - but they now sit on bookshelves in the grandchildren's' rooms.

"What do people do all day?" is a favorite! It is amazing to see the content of these excellent books and memorable characters transformed into Richard Scarry toys with:
  • Lowly Worm and Pig figure packs,
  • Town Hall playsets,
  • The Busytown board game
  • DVDs!
My kids grew up in the era of classic Fisher Price toys. Busytown© would have been in their toy collection had they been available.

 Richard Scarry Airport Game Hurray For Huckle Busytown Puzzle Busytown Eye Found It Game

Richard Scarry Board Books and Sets

Richard Scarry book sets have become very collectible. Here is just a sampling of the boxed sets from this prolific author of children's books:
    • Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes
    • The Fire Truck Set
    • Busy Day 4 piece boxed set is very collectible!
    • Limited Edition boxed sets requires that you open your pocket book wide for a used set and even wider for a new one.
    • The 1971 edition "Look and Learn Library" is phenomenal, pricey and rare too.
    • The paperback collection - remember them?   There are 10 little books in this collection.
Are you looking for just one more item to fill a gift basket for a new Mom? Maybe you just want to add to your grandchild or child's classic board book collection - I love the fact that Richard Scarry board books are still available some forty odd years after I bought the first one.

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