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Wondering about us? Who is ?

As a kernel of an idea, the Living In Woodbridge VA website (also known as De's Insider Guide) sprouted more than 10 years ago.

Circumstances and a full-time local business made it impossible to devote the time required to get the "Insider's Guide" project off the ground.

The local business still operates but at a much slower pace and this has allowed us to focus on developing the Living In Woodbridge, Virginia site.

Since 2009, the site continues growing by leaps and bounds as we add information collected over three decades.

However, the biggest contributors to the Guide are our readers -- their active participation [anyone can build their very own, comment enabled web page on our site] has turned Living In Woodbridge VA into a true online community.

Would you like to promote your services or announce an event on the Living In Woodbridge VA website? You can give us all the details (along with four photos) or submit the information anonymously.

It's as easy as filling out a simple form found the site blog.

Our aim is to continue bringing you interesting information and facts from a resident's point of view, responding to topical questions submitted by our visitors and providing news, views and other bits of information of interest to both current and potential residents.

It is, in fact, all about living in Woodbridge, Virginia.

About Us...
Before Woodbridge, Virginia

Prior to 1970, De's personal exposure to the United States consisted of very infrequent visits generally referred to as "home leave". Four of them to be exact. They were more like extended vacations to the United States.

They barely lasted more than a month, and were usually spent in locations totally foreign to us - New York, Philadelphia and the District of Columbia.

Yet, home leave was part and parcel of family life in the U.S. "Foreign Service" but with a slight twist - we had never lived in the United States before.

To De's family, home was anywhere, everywhere and where ever we happened to be stationed at the time. This included a long list of countries from post-war Europe to the Balkans, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Fast Forward To The 70's...

More about us...

For our family, there was a time when Woodbridge, Virginia was nothing more than an exit sign on northbound Interstate 95.

It meant we were inching closer to our destination after a long road trip from western North Carolina to the Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C.

You guessed correctly. It was a job know, the kind you can't refuse, that suddenly brought us to the Washington D.C. area to eventually settle in northern Virginia.

We were lucky enough to be able to live with family while we leisurely explored various neighborhoods we could potentially call home.

Gone were the days when reading the handy "post report" provided all the details and everything we needed to know about our new home.

We dissected the I-495 beltway into sections and carefully explored each neighborhood. In the end, we settled on Woodbridge, Virginia.

That was more than 37 years ago...and we're still here.

Why Did We Settle In Woodbridge?

Woodbridge, Virginia offers a variety of perks.

Where else can you:

  • Drive east a couple hours to dip your toes in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Head west to hike Stony Man Mountain clad in autumn colors,
  • Sometimes enjoy 4 distinctive seasons, emphasis on "sometimes"
  • Walk in the footsteps of history or participate in it
  • Enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the nation's capital
  • Picnic on the lawn at Wolf trap and listen to your favorite band
  • Sing along with the Jersey Boys at the National Theater
  • Attend a performance of the Bolshoi Ballet at the Kennedy Center...
  • and still get home in time for the late night news?

What about us today?

Yes, we're still living in Woodbridge, Virginia...after all this time. We have no plans to move or retire to another part of the fact, the DH has already retired once.

We're not going anywhere. De's Insider Guide is all about us and living in Woodbridge, Virginia.

It is home now and when we go on vacation, we head in the opposite direction - across the Atlantic or to places as yet unexplored.

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