Barbecue Restaurants:

Vinegar, Mustard, Tomato Based? 

Good barbecue restaurants can be found in Woodbridge! 

Regardless of how you spell it - with a C or a Q - it's really all about the basting sauce and the cooking style but we don't have to go too far south to find great barbecue restaurants!

From big or small to chain or one of the top rated restaurants in the area, we have quite a choice when it comes to BBQ!

What's your favorite barbecue style? Alabama, Texas, Kansas City, Memphis, or North Carolina?

I've learned to make a wicked platter of "homestyle" pulled pork shoulder  - even a mean, twice-cooked barbecued picnic ham, but we'll save that for the recipe section.

More often than not, it's too easy to settle down to a dinner platter at one of our BBQ eateries.

Favorite Local Barbecue Restaurants

Dixie Bones

We've been eating at Dixie Bones for years...

The restaurant is small and unassuming but the atmosphere is outstanding. Down home cooking and plenty to eat.

The food in this barbecue restaurant is consistently good.

On a cold winter day, or any day for that matter, nothing beats the Giant Stuffed Potatoes topped off with your favorite barbecued meat.

With a plate, I order the greens and the "muddy spuds" as a side order.

Order ahead from the menu and pick it up on the way home - what more could you ask for?

Not surprising that it's been rated as one of the 100 best restaurants in the Washington D.C. area. We knew that a long time ago.

Where is it located? At 13440 Occoquan Road, in Woodbridge, Virginia 22191. Their phone number is [703]492-2205.

Smokey Bones

Bar and Fire Grill. Definitely award winning barbecue...

We were happy to see it built and even more pleased to sample the great barbecue in a really cozy decor.

At Smokey Bones, our barbecue favorites pass the taste test - with room to spare. There's no hesitation in recommending the BBQ platters, especially when you can create your own combination.

My favorite combo is the hand pulled pork and beef brisket which comes with 2 sides and bread.

Need a "party pack" or maybe an "office pack"? They'll even prepare a feast for 100 hungry people.

Check out their creative online menu.

You can also download the Smokey Bones menu. The telephone number is [703]491-0390.

Where are they located? At 2601 Prince William Parkway, Woodbridge, VA 22192, across from Target, Red Lobster and...

Famous Dave's

What can I say? They're "legendary" and yet another option for anyone looking for some great barbecue and award winning ribs...

Located in the Target plaza, near the I-95 exit, it draws the hungry "thru" travelers as well as the local residents.

Their address is 2430 Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge, Virginia 22192. There are several telephone numbers: TO GO: [703]492-1300; Catering: [703]492-1300 and Fax: [703]492-0651.

Click HERE for the Famous Dave menus.

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