Bobby Flay Burger Restaurant:
The Best Hamburgers At Potomac Mills

Bobby Flay Burger Restaurant - Yes, it's a hamburger throw down at Potomac Mills.  Here is a look at what the Hamburger Palace looks like!

I first posted this article back in May of 2013 when we had a flurry of new eateries open up around Woodbridge.

That particular day, I was pondering what to eat for lunch when I came across an article in the Examiner.

It reminded me that we had another restaurant in town!

Bobby Flay Burger Restaurant - Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries, and ShakesBobby Flay's Burgers, Fries, and Shakes

Surely y'all did not come down our way that month just to visit a furniture store right?

And I quote:

IKEA-bound Virginians now have another reason to take off to the shopping mecca of Potomac Mills.

Celebrity chef and grilling guru Bobby Flay has just added another installment to his long line of delicious dining establishments.

The 15th Bobby’s Burger Palace (BBP) opened at Virginia’s largest outlet shopping destination, Potomac Mills, in Woodbridge, Virginia on May 21.
Restaurant News- Sandy Allen, The

Bobby Flay Burger Restaurant: The Burger Palace® @ Potomac Mills

Bobby's Hamburger Palace serves up great burgers in a unique atmosphere!

Call it a cross between a trendy eatery and a hamburger place.

You pay at the door after examining the menu posted on the wall. The menu consists of ten "named" burgers such as the Palace Classic and the Philadelphia.

bobby flay burger restaurant © ehaurylik
Bottom line? "Crunchify" any of the burgers on the menu and you have variations on a theme. How do you like your burger? Still mooing at you or well done?

Pick your level from a small chart near the cash register.

There is even a kids version of the burger. Don't overlook the grilled cheese sandwich! Add à la carte sides and drinks to build yourself a nice meal. Pay, get a number tag and then go sit.

The kitchen is visible from the seating area. Food is served promptly.

But that's where eating at the Palace goes from "Am I going to find yet another hamburger on my plate?" to a premium beef hamburger prepared to order and taste and served in a pro plate presentation.

The french fries and beer battered onion rings were also well presented in paper-lined stainless steel "drums". Garnish consists of half a huge kosher dill pickle.

Condiments and napkins are on the counter.

I can imagine that the joint is jumping on weekends when the crowds gather at Potomac Mills Mall but early on a is quiet, quick and scrumptious.

Thanks Bobby and shame on those fast food burger combos which cost just about as much!

 Fresh and Fit Grilling Bobby Flay Favorites!

[yellowbox]Anonymous comment: "BBP Shakes - One of the best things about Bobby's Burger Palace are the spiked shakes! I had a vanilla caramel bourbon - it was soooo good! The burgers were awesome too!"[/yellowbox]

The Bobby Flay Hamburger Recipe Is Not A Secret

Bobby Flay is all about grilling and hamburgers are, without a doubt, #1 on the list of foods to throw on the grill at almost any time of the year.

But, if you have ever watched an episode of the Food Network® channel, you will know that Bobby has a way with burgers. I'll let Bobby tell you exactly how he makes the best burgers in town! Follow these 10 tips.

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