Child Care Options In Woodbridge, Virginia

Child Care in Woodbridge, Virginia - Time to explore a variety of options for superior local child care facilities.

Everyone has a long list of pointed questions when it comes to finding the perfect day care facilities for our children.

As parents, we certainly did for our children and our daughter did as well when it came to finding quality day care for our grandchildren.

Everyone has a slightly different set of questions but be sure to ask them.  

Some responses can automatically eliminate certain providers.  t is easiest way to determine if a particular location is the right fit for you and your child.

Here are some of the reactions we looked for when visiting potential care centers - with the children:

  • What was the child's immediate reaction to the people who greeted you and to the environment? Were they eager to participate in an activity without encouragement? Even a gregarious, outgoing child will hesitate or turn tail when presented with a less than reassuring adult and uncomfortable surroundings.
  • Are all activities from play, lunch and nap time well planned, organized and totally "under control"?
  • Does the ratio of facility supervisors meet state standards?
  • What about the actual physical facilities? Clean play areas, good ventilation, sunny rooms and above all.. is everything "kid proofed"? Is there an outdoor play area and is it well protected?

Preschool kids and teacher – © michaeljung

Woodbridge, VA Child Care day centers include:

AlphaBEST in Belmont, Leesylvania, Marumsco Hills, Porter Traditional, River Oaks, Vaughan elementary schools and Woodbridge Middle schools

Children of America in 2 locations: Prince William [Hedgewood Drive] and River Ridge Blvd.

See all 17 day care locations in the 22191 area by entering the county and zip code into the search boxes.

Licensed Child Care & Daycare Centers

Woodbridge, Va has many home based day care services and centers offering a variety of daycare options.   You have every right to ask for references, licenses and facility inspection reports.

Here is a partial list of licensed daycare centers. As we grow our local resources, we will be adding daycare locations, by area code, to this listing.

Daycare providers are welcome to advertise their services along with details and photos by filling out the form on this page. As the list of providers grows, we'll build separate pages dedicated exclusively to specific Woodbridge zip codes.

Parents are welcome to submit reviews and testimonials for child care services by filling out the form found at the bottom of this page. Submissions, posted at the bottom of this page, will help newcomers with their decision making.

With a totally renovated building and now opened under new management, along with a brand new website - the Wonderful Virginia Academy has been in Woodbridge at least thirty years. It sits on a large lot, on the top of the hill near the intersection of Minnieville and Horner roads.

Their hours are from 5:45 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays.

The Cloverdale School, located at 13506 Minnieville Road, in the Bethel United Methodist Church (the intersection of Smoketown and Minnieville roads), has been there as long as we've lived in Woodbridge, Virginia. They offer classes for children from three years of age through 2nd grade.

Liz's Home Day Care is a licensed daycare center located just off Occoquan Road. From Occoquan Road, turn onto Hylton Avenue, then right on Armstead Street and right again onto Carter Lane.

Every Child Loved Day Care offers flexible hours.

Kindercare Learning Center has four locations in Woodbridge, Va. One is located in Dale City, 22193 zip code area, two are in the 22192 area of Lake Ridge, and one in Montclair/Dumfries.

  • KinderCare Learning Center: 12781 Harbor Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22192, (703)491-1100
  • Lake Ridge KinderCare: 1520 Old Bridge Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192, (703)490-5145
  • Woodbridge KinderCare: 14050 Central Loop Road, Woodbridge, VA 22193, (703)580-1628
  • Montclair KinderCare: 44381 Kevin Walker Drive, Dumfries, VA 22026-1636, 703-680-2244

Their services include care for infants, toddlers, pre-school, pre-K and kindergarten. Before and after school care is also available.

The Goddard School, located near the intersection of Minnieville and Spriggs Roads, offers programs for children aged six months to six years.  They declined to provide us with additional details.

Minnieland Country Day School has 6 different locations in the immediate Woodbridge, Va area.

The Prince William/Early Years Academy is a top notch option in daycare/preschool facilities. The school is located at 3480 Commission Court, in Lake Ridge.

Preschool students receive exposure to Spanish, French, Mandarin and Arabic languages. Foreign language skills are so important in this day and age and young children are particularly receptive and quick to learn.

Day Care Costs

Child care costs vary greatly between home daycare services [paid on a hourly, part-time or weekly basis] and full fledged child care centers [with a yearly tuition payable in monthly installments].

It would seem that finds Prince William county rates to be among the lowest.  And that's a good thing if the services are top notch.  You can also search their site for local chid care services by zip code.

Prices also vary according to age group and the services you require.  

Check page 98 for the Virginia 2016 State Fact Sheets.

if you have lingering doubts or questions about any daycare provider, be sure to contact the Virginia Department of Social Services.

They post specific details such as facility and license type, license expiration date, full contact details, business hours, to include the name of the inspector - for all licensed child care providers.

The site includes a form to determine if the day, home or short-term care center of your choice is licensed or unlicensed.

State and Federal Resources

The Virginia Department of Social Services offers a search platform for those looking into child care.    At last count, it listed 143 records for child care centers in Prince William county!  There are 17 records for the 22191 zip code.

It allows you to search according to location (throughout the state), zip code, and whether the provider is licensed or unlicensed.  

It also lists child care centers in the following categories:

  • Certified pre-schools [operated by private schools accredited by an accrediting organization]
  • Religious exempt [operated by religious institutions that are exempt from licensure]
  • Family day care [care for less than 24 hrs in the home oft he provider]
  • Short term facilities [centers that do not operated all year]

Federal organizations can also provide information to help you locate quality services. To receive additional information specific to Prince William County, please contact:

GSA Child Care Coordinator
Regional Office Building
7th and D Streets, SW.,
Room 7013
Washington, DC 20407
(202) 205-7255
Office of Personnel ManagementOffice of Work/Life Programs
Theodore Roosevelt Building
1900 E Street, NW., Room 7315
Washington, DC 20415-0001
(202) 606-1858

For a complete overview of the federal child care programs and services available through the GSA, please visit their informative website.

For information on the federal child care centers in DC, Virginia and Maryland, please contact the regional coordinator:

8th floor, 20 N.8th Street
Philadelphia , PA 19107-3191
Phone: (215) 446-2893
Fax: (215) 209-0493 
Cell: (215) 669-2419 

For information on any state or region, contact:

Magdamari Marcano, Child Care Program Specialist
2-128, 26 FEDERAL PLAZA 
New York-Manhattan , NY 10278-0000
Phone: (212) 264-1268 
Fax: (212) 264-0503
Cell: (917) 922-2503