Chinese Restaurants
In Woodbridge, Virginia

Chinese restaurants are more popular than many of the largest fast food restaurants. Believe it!

Cantonese, Hunan, Szechuan, and Peking...

Are you "ambitious and adventurous, but irritable"?  That describes the Fire Monkey and 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey!  This year begins on February 8, 2016 and ends on January 27, 2017.

Chinese Restaurants Woodbridge, VA2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey!

With so many types of regional cuisine, each with its distinctive flavors and ingredients, the menu always offers a dish to please every palate.

Indeed, name one person who does not like Chinese food...

My favorite dishes? Plain Egg Drop Soup, anything in black bean sauce, easy on the curry Singapore Noodles and Low Mein from that dimly lit Chinese restaurant [definitely off the beaten path] within a few hundred yards of the Monkey Temple.

To experience the absolute best tasting low mein, stacked at least 6 inches high on a large, chipped oval platter, you'll have to follow me to Kathmandu.

No, it's not China, but you'll have to admit it is pretty close!

I'm positive the dish contained noodles...the remaining ingredients - a mystery. The taste, however, was stupendous. It cost $1.25 along with a glass of steaming hot chai.

You don't have to travel that far to enjoy cooking the Chinese way. There are quite a few very good restaurants right here in Woodbridge...

Psst...Don't forget to check our Personal Cookbook where we post recipes of favorite Chinese homemade dishes.

Find Chinese Restaurants in Woodbridge, Virginia 22191, 22192

China Gourmet

Hunan, Schechuan and Cantonese cuisine, with Dine In, Take out and delivery options are available from the China Gourmet located at 4313 Dale Boulevard, in Dale City, VA.

The restaurant is located in the Centre Plaza shopping center.

Their telephone numbers are [703] 670-6121 and 6122. They do offer free delivery with a 4 mile radius of Dale City, Montclair and Lake Ridge.

Empire Carryout

The Empire "carryout" restaurant is located next to Safeway in the Merchant Plaza shopping center at 4212 Merchant Plaza, in Woodbridge, VA 22192.

Merchant Plaza is at the intersection of Old Bridge Road and the Prince William Parkway. You can call in an order [703] 680-2828 or walk in and I normally do.

The Singapore Mai Fun [seen in the photo above] is particularly well prepared and my personal favorite! Try the Beef Szechuan Style if you like spicy...or any of the combo platters. You can ask to omit MSG, oil, and salt as well as adjust your level of "spicy".

We thank the Empire Carry Out Restaurant for allowing us to share theirextensive menu with our visitors.

EMPIRE Carry Out Restaurant Menu
Beef/Combination Platters
Chef's Specials/Seafood/Desserts
Vegetarians Corner/Poultry/Pork
Appetizers/Soup/Lo Main-Noodle/Chow Main
Chop Suey/Fried Rice/Egg Foo Yung/Sweet n Sour/Moo Shi

Hunan Garden

Dine in, carry out or delivery! The Hunan Garden is located at 12437 Hedges Run Drive, in Lake Ridge, VA 22192-1715. The telephone number is (703)494-5005.

For cooking, they use 100% vegetable oil and do not use MSG. Open 7 days a week, they offer an all-day delivery service within a 3 miles radius for a minimum dollar amount.

Shanghai Cafe

Dine in or free delivery within a 5 mile radius at this Chinese restaurant...but we choose to dine in - often. The food is consistently good and the service excellent.

Wine, beer and a mixed beverage license in a Chinese restaurant located at12760 Darby Brooke Court, right off Old Bridge Road, in Lake Ridge, VA 22912.

Pull into the Brooke Center located between the Elysian Woods apartments and the Bank of America building.

Call them at the following numbers: [703]494-8833 or 3131.

Panda Chinese
Restaurant and Carryout

The Panda is located in the lower level of the Tackett's Mill shopping center, at 2241-A Tackett's Mill Drive.

Tackett's Mill shopping center is located at the intersection of Old Bridge Road and Minnieville at the entrance to Lake Ridge, Virginia.

Their telephone numbers are [703] 49706688, 490-0441 and 0461.

The food is prepared without MSG! This is a good thing...

China King Buffet

Dine in or take out...this "all you can eat" Chinese buffet offers a long list of freshly prepared dishes in a staggering assortment.

They are located at 14345 Potomac Mills Road in the Potomac Festival Shopping Center [at the intersection of Potomac Mills Road and Opitz Boulevard]. The phone number is [703]497-8883.

The Panda Express

Panda Express Restaurants

Not to be confused with the Panda restaurant located in the Tacket's Mills shopping center...

It's the Panda Express at 2990 on the Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge, Virginia 22192.

The phone number is [703] 670-9168 and the Fax is [703] 670-9231. Driving directions?

It's at the very end of the strip mall, right next to Boston Market.

Their online menu includes nutritional information and a little bit of "history" behind each recipe.

China Express

This small restaurant and carry out is in the Smoketown Plaza shopping center.

It is in the very far corner of the plaza, next to Lowe's at 13752 Smoketown Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192.  Smoketown Plaza is at the intersection of Smoketown and Minnieville roads.

The telephone number is [703]878-9988 and the fax is [703]878-9898.

China Express has a free delivery area [there is a minimum dollar amount] within Woodbridge, Lake Ridge and Dale City and they honor coupons from most local competitors.

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