Civil War Coloring Books:
Make History Come Alive

Civil War coloring books? Some expressed great surprise that such historical coloring books even exist.  Until I showed them the selection!

Thanks to a prolific illustrator named Peter F. Copeland, we have an entire series of civil war coloring books.  His are some of the best selling Civil War coloring books available.

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Civil War Weekend in Manassas, Virginia - August 25 through 27, 2017 

Three years ago, we used his coloring book titled Civil War Uniforms to visit nearby sutlers and locate all the equipment required to assemble an authentic Civil War uniform.

 Civil War Uniforms Coloring Book (Dover Fashion Coloring Book) by Copeland, Peter F. published by Dover Publications [ Paperback ]

As soon as one summer "civil war" camp session ended, they requested to be involved in the "advanced" camp.

So we did some costuming research and in the process, the kids learned new vocabulary, name places and the history associated with them.

While a Social Studies unit on the Civil War and an uncle who is an avid, decades long re-enactor can stir the interest of any 9 year old boys, seeing Peter Copeland's artwork in a coloring book brought it all to life as they selected their uniform and colored the pages.

Can you guess what the Halloween costumes were going to be that year?

In historically correct mode, it would be brother against brother - during summer camp and at Halloween.

Civil War Coloring Books:

Calling All Period Fashionistas! Peter Copeland created a vast collection of civil war coloring books revolving mostly around the battles, the generals and the history of the war.

The civil war uniform coloring pages illustrate the many uniforms worn by Union and Confederate troops.

Colorful Zouaves (who wore uniforms very similar to the French Army Zouaves of the same period) with their open jackets, baggy serouel trousers, sashes and unique head gear called a fez to the early and varied uniforms of the Confederate troops.

Butternut, Cadet Grey and Richmond Depot

The Confederate troops wore everything from dark blue to butternut brown, cadet grey.  Eventually, troops were issued mass produced uniforms when the depot system was established - hence the name of one dark grey shade called "Richmond Depot" grey.

Into authentic period costuming for Halloween, a fancy dress ball,  period costumes or historical period fashions?

Go through the pages of Tom Tierney's extensive collection of coloring books about fashions from the Old South and Civil War period as well fashion coloring books for other historical eras.

 Uniforms of the Civil War: An Illustrated Guide for Historians, Collectors, and Reenactors

How To Make Your Own Civil War Coloring Books

Yes, you can make your own coloring books and pages! We are history buffs from way back, and early on, and we all caught the photography bug. Can you imagine the number of cameras stashed around the house? It does not even include the cameras on our iPhones and other devices such as tablets or even video cameras.

If you wander the battlefields and other Civil War historical sites such as Appomattox, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and even Cedar Creek; you must have dozens if not hundreds of beautiful photos downloaded to your hard drive.

With well over 3500 photos on my phone alone, I know I do. My photo hobby even involves a subscription to a premium photo storage site just to keep the photos organized, easy to find and above all create space on the computer hard drive!  I can even sell them if I decide to.  Give the trial offer a spin - you'll be hooked.

Easily Convert Photos Into Coloring Pages

I found the perfect way to share these photos with the grandchildren and younger nieces and nephews - I convert photos into coloring pages and create personal coloring books using the photos from our historical adventures.

The children become part of the coloring book pages which in turn become unique momentoes of Civil War summer camp or day trips to explore the Manassas Battlefields.

Not Just About Civil War Coloring Books!

Create a unique coloring book or a set of topic-specific coloring pages!

Teachers, what better way to bring a Social Studies, Science or Biology unit to life than to pass around a coloring page using your own photos?

The coloring book or page theme can be carried through Holidays as well.  The possibilities are endless but here are a few ideas:

  • Christmas Coloring Pages
  • A Milestone Family Reunion
  • Personalized Birthday Coloring Pages
  • Kindergarten Graduation

But I digress...let's talk about coloring those coloring books and pages!

Great Colored Pencils: The Key To Coloring Success

Do you remember your first set of quality colored pencils?  I do.

My Faber-Castell pencils looked so pretty lined up in their tin box that I dared not use them!  Did not want the point to get dull or ever have to sharpen them.  They were not meant for the pages of a coloring book but for sketch pads and different grades of art paper tablets.

These days, the paper used for children's coloring books has not only changed a lot but the paper in the ColorIt brand adult coloring books, for example, is of art paper quality so the colors do not bleed through when using gel colors or markers.

Crayola© Rules!

So much for the old-fashioned wooden colored pencil!

We're not talking Crayola® crayons anymore although Crayola® does make a good quality colored pencil that comes in boxes of 24, 36, and 50 brilliant colors.

Crayola also makes a box of 64 shorter "kid sized" colored pencils and the teacher approved 54 count Trayola® set.

You don't want the pages of the civil war coloring books to tear as the child applies pressure on the pages.  Give them a set of colored pencils with a soft core or color that spreads quickly, evenly and does not require much pressure.

Have you seen those beautiful metallic colored pencils?  They are perfect to color the details in the Civil War coloring books such as brass buttons, belt buckles, officer's epaulets, swords and arms.

 (100 Count) (50 Count)  Classpack 14 Colors

Younger children may do better with the thick lead Crayola® twistables although we found them not to be great when it came to staying within the lines of detailed areas on the coloring pages.

Watching twins, I always made sure frustration was kept at a minimum so whatever coloring pencils worked, those were the perfect pencils!  I was not about to start a small war at the kitchen table.  The kids did not care about the brand name.

It's a rainy Monday in May. Why not bring out that box of colored pencils? Surprise them with a brand new set of Civil War coloring books.