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Global Food Market Woodbridge VA - Global Foods in Woodbridge, Virginia is a food shopping adventure!  It is also a true learning experience when it comes to foreign foods and cooking ingredients.

Do you shop the Global Food market in Foulger Square?

In a hurry to prepare homemade Chinese food?
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Pick the best from mountains of fresh fruit or look for those elusive ingredients for an authentic international dish. I've purchased everything from saffron to udon noodles!

 International Cooking: A Culinary Journey (3rd Edition)

Visit the Woodbridge, Virginia Global Food market at 13813 Foulger Square, 22192.

They are located near the back of the shopping center.

The telephone number is (703) 897-6100 and the Fax number is (703) 897-1282.

Scroll through their weekly sales flyer to find specialty staples and authentic ingredients, spices and condiments for the following cuisines:

Visit the Woodbridge, Virginia Global Food market at 13813 Foulger Square, Woodbridge, Virginia, 22192.   They are located near the back of the shopping center.

Their telephone number is (703) 897-6100 and the Fax number is (703) 897-1282.

Click on the link to scroll through their weekly sales flyer to find specialty staples and authentic ingredients, spices and condiments for the following cuisines:

  • Indian and Pakistani
  • Middle Eastern
  • Asian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin American

The sales flyer includes weekly sales at all markets including the store in Manassas but the third section is specifically for the Global Food Market Woodbridge VA location.

Can you imagine finding fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, cooking staples and spices from Latin America to Asia, all under a single roof and at very competitive prices?

Food Specialties At Global Food Market Woodbridge VA

Along with their international food specialties such as:

  • Hispanic baked goods (the bread racks look more like a panaderia),
  • Korean Kimchee,
  • Japanese Udon noodles
  • Chinese Jiaozi,
  • Conk meat,
  • Aisles of spices, rice, noodles
  • Canned "specialties"

you can also find unique cuts of fresh and flash frozen meat for fajitas and other traditional dishes unique to each country.

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Time to set out the soup bowls. Looking for daikon, wakame, mirin, surumi, katsuo-bushi or somen to prepare your favorite clear soup? Maybe you are missing a really good shoyu sauce -you'll be able to select from dozens of types and grades.

Are you looking for:

  •  Peanut satay, numya and shrimp sauce for your homemade Thai food?
  • Korean herbs and mushrooms?
  • Special Mediterranean grains such as freekeh, couscous and cracked wheat?
  • Pho rice noodles and roasted rice powder for Vietnamese dishes?   

There is a bakery, and several small restaurants serving Korean and Chinese food. The Japanese restaurant serves up a selection of very good sushi.

The center aisle of the store is more like a small department store where you will find everything from pots and pans to clothing and videos.

Come explore Global Food. You won't even need a passport to make this trip.

My recipes for Chinese food and Mexican dishes all have a touch of Global Foods in them - from main ingredients to spices.

In the meantime, check out the Global Food Market Woodbridge VA sales flyer to discover the great prices on a variety of exotic foods.

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