Horseback Riding Lessons

by The Webmaster

Ever considered horseback riding for summer camp?

It's not your usual summer camp but when I came across the ad, it reminded me of how enjoyable a way it was to spend many a summer day.

The lessons were icing on the cake so to speak. After the not so enjoyable parts of stable upkeep, the reward was to spend the rest of the day learning the finer points of dressage.

The riding master did not distinguish between regular students and me - his granddaughter. But I digress...

There are several farms in both eastern and western Prince William County which offer riding lessons:

  • Criswood Farm, off Hoadly Road, offers a summer camp, private and group lessons.
  • South Run Riding School is in Nokesville, Virginia. They offer both group and private lessons as well as beginner lessons.
  • Stonebridge Stables, also in Haymarket offers lessons every Friday.

    Happy trails...

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