Japanese Restaurants Woodbridge VA:
Enjoy Unique Asian Cuisine

Japanese Restaurants Woodbridge VA - Authentic Japanese food?  In Woodbridge, Virginia? The answer is はい .

When you suggest it to friends and family, they probably immediately think of those hibachi grill type restaurants or the ever-popular sushi.

Japanese Restaurants In Woodbridge VA

No Passports Required - Just Chopsticks & A Sense of Adventure

Japanese restaurants offer a great selection of authentic dishes to discover and enjoy besides those standard crowd pleasers.

Let's concentrate on my favorite Japanese food - sushi.

Sushi refers to the rice that used in the various types of sushi.

The rice is a unique short-grain variant that is washed and then steamed with rice vinegar, which makes the individual grains stick together.

Most Americans are familiar with two primary types of sushi.

Two Types of Sushi!

Sushi Jin Next Door - Stonebridge Potomac Town CenterSushi Jin Next Door @ Stonebridge Potomac Town Center

Maki - These are the rolled sushi that we are familiar with are stuffed with fish, and often avocado, and other veggies.

Sometimes they’re drizzled with a soy-based sauce or spicy mayonnaise. These are not very common in Japan itself, despite their popularity in the United States and elsewhere.

Nigitu - The other primary type is Nigiri, which is a bed of the sticky sushi rice, covered with a sliver of fish or another ingredient such as egg, octopus or eel.

Japanese Restaurants Woodbridge Va

Nigitu is the sushi most familiar in Japan, found in their high-end sushi restaurants or even the more casual “kaiten-zushi” conveyor belt-style restaurants, which have sushi on small plates going around the seating area on a conveyor belt.

When it comes to sushi restaurants in the Washington DC area, and especially Prince William County, there are few excellent places to go.

Sushi as an afterthought to the primary menu?

Not so at #SushiJinNextDoor in Potomac Town Center - just one of the Japanese restaurants Woodbridge Virginia!  Read our review!

To learn more about the art of sushi making, our resident connaisseur highly recommends the watching the complete documentary "Jori Dreams of Sushi". The trailer below shows Chef Jori preparing a complete sushi course starting with sushi classics followed by the fresh catch of the day. then the more traditional selections. Are you ready for a peek at a $230 lunch?

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