Jirani Coffee House Manassas Is A Real Treat!

Jirani Coffee House - I am a sucker for quaint coffee shops - maybe it’s the French in me.  I am also a big fan of small businesses, so I was beyond excited when I saw that a new coffee shop would be opening in Old Town Manassas.

At last year’s Manassas Train Show, they were only just handing out business cards, but I was hooked by the Jirani enthusiasm - Jirani means ‘neighbor’ or ‘neighborhood’ in Swahili.

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Jirani Coffee House Manassas Virginia

I quickly followed them on Twitter and Facebook to watch their progress towards opening.

Fast forward several months… After having been open for a few weeks, they just recently had their Grand Opening, and I am so excited for their immediate success.

The Jirani Coffee House Experience

Jirani’s location, conveniently just across the tracks from the Manassas Train Station, gives them a perfect ‘window’ into the community as they come and go from work.

But how’s the coffee, you ask? GREAT!

They have all of your coffee shop standards and their own special drink - The Jirani Junction. It's a spruced up latte with brown sugar and honey and it is the best!

Let’s put it this way…. We live on the other side of the county and have driven the 20 minutes just for a Jirani Junction.

I have also coordinated to ride the Manassas Line VRE home just so we can have dinner and a coffee ‘across the tracks’ (more on dinner in another article).

Now, for the icing on the cake, which they also have, Jirani is truly a neighborhood gathering place.

You feel welcome at any time and, honestly, almost as comfortable as sitting on your couch at home with a cup of coffee.

There is a reading nook stocked with books, an inviting fireplace, and a stage.  Yes, a stage.

Jirani hosts open mic nights, poetry readings, art showingsbook signings, and even a little improv.

This summer, Jirani is hosting a children's hour on "Magical" Mondays and "Wormy" Wednesdays.

Help your little ones spread their wings through creative activities and story-time sharing (and take your own sanity break with a nice cup of java).

Jirani is open early on the weekdays, for those early morning commuters, and stays open late on the weekends, for the late night crowd.

They’re at 9425 West Street, Manassas, between Foster’s Grille and Mariachi’s Tequileria.

Go check out the Jirani Coffee House – you won’t be disappointed!


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