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Summer Vacation Is Just Around The Corner

Kids Activities Woodbridge VAWell...not just summer vacation.  Parents need lots of activities for kids in Woobdrige, Virginia for Spring break, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays too.  

Moms and Grandmas know only too well that we need to have plans - real strategies in place - to occupy the kids and grandkids during vacations. 

Funny how children of all ages wish for vacation days and within an hour of being on vacation, they're already bored!

Fix that dilemma! ==>
Keep them busy throughout the summer with bridge activties workbooks

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Let me tell your a story about one of our summer vacations.  It dates back a few years...

kids activities woodbridge va

Woodbridge, Virginia (May 13, 2010)

The family just sent photos from Virginia Beach.

Despite recent chilly days and some rain, the weather must have been special ordered for a beach wedding.

But I am officially jealous!

It's May 13 - Happy Mother's Day to all Moms! - not even summer vacation, and here they are lounging on the beach, in spectacular weather.

Although summer vacation is just a few weeks away, let's hope this year's vacation is considerably more relaxed.

Our 2011 family beach vacation was somewhat stressful!

We are all familiar with the phrases “Batten down the hatches” and “board up the windows” and even skedaddle.

First we felt the earthquake while sitting ocean view then Hurricane Irene prompted a mandatory coastal evacuation which cut short the beach vacation.

It was the second time a weather event has affected our summer holiday.

Kids activities woodbridge va

Although we have experienced ocean front accommodations in gale force winds, it was an uneasy feeling to see the waves build up and gnaw away at the dunes, considering how close we were to the Atlantic Ocean.

In fact, a later trip to the same location revealed staggering damage to the beach and the dunes. The churning waves had washed away the beach and created a vertical 6-foot drop from the dunes to a new beach level.

Irene is a storm of a different ilk. Nothing to mess around with when you are sitting at barely 3 feet above sea level, separated from the ocean by a single dune and on a half mile wide spit of sand.

They came door to door telling us to get out. Therefore, we packed up along with everyone else and headed back to Woodbridge.

And now back to the day the earth shook in Virginia. I must say that week is one for the record books.

Over the years, we have personally experienced some serious quakes in earthquake prone corners of the world.

Although we were not in Virginia at the time, the tremor brought back waves of unease, albeit much weaker than what we had experienced decades earlier.

Nonetheless, it is rare when in the span of a few days, as Woodbridge residents, we experience a substantial earthquake while enjoying beach time only to come home to tropical storm weather spawned by a hurricane.

For the kids, it also made for a unique and memorable vacation with plenty of hands on learning experiences – a crash course in geology and meteorology.

Kids Activities Woodbridge Va: There Are So Many Options!

To say that we've done it all in the way of kids acitivities in and around Woodbridge, Virginia is perhaps a stretch but since 1978, we certainly have made full use of the Parks and Recreation services (Leesylvania State Park is like a second home) available to Prince William County residents.

Nor do we limit ourselves to Woodbridge locations.  We travel all over the county!

When the camp counselors marvel at "how much they've grown" over the years, you know we've been there more than once.  Why?

Because some of the activities are that much fun.  The kids look forward to participating in the same camps, in the next age appropriate level,  over and over again.   

The second generation of kids in this family are now into their varied experiences participating in the well organized and popular local park activities for children in all age levels.

Come along with us as we share our adventures throughout the year writing about kid's activities in Woodbridge, Virginia.

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