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Mom Reviews Inflatable Party Venue

Kids N Motion Woodbridge, Virginia - Woodbridge, Virginia (March 28, 2014) -- I discovered Kids N Motion© ( several years ago looking for yet another unique party option for the boys.

We've been going there ever since for a wonderful event called Parents Night Out.

Do you have a room or yard large enough to organize your own party?

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Kids N Motion Woodbridge, VA
So, what is Kids N Motion Woodbridge ©?

It's this great place with two rooms full of inflatables.

You know those crazy bouncy houses you'd merrily jump in for hours as a kid? Yeah, it's like that times 10.

There are inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and basketball courts.

It's also the perfect birthday party venue for kids from 1 to 12 years of age.

It is the ultimate kid wearer-outer (if that's even a word). Actually, it wore me out too!

 Giant Dual Slide Inflatable Castle Inflatable Bouncer House Castle Castle Inflatable bouncer (15ft x 15ft) Inflatable slide bouncer castles


With a Trifecta Spartan, Tough Mudder and BattleFrog expert in residence, one of my favorite inflatables for the junior members is the obstacle course inflatable bouncer. style=

Speaking of outdoor inflatable bouncers - If you have a large enough back yard, with an expanse of level area, you can buy inflatable bouncer slides for kids of all ages!

Kids N Motion Woodbridge Birthday Parties

Kids N Motion Woodbridge is located at:

3310 Noble Pond Way, Woodbridge, Virginia 22193
Phone: (703) 878-0100

The average party runs about $260 for two hours (15 kids).

There are cheaper weekday party options or super blow-out parties (25 kids) that are around $320.

I can say from personal experience they are worth every penny.

The staff are friendly and helpful, the facility is clean, and, most importantly, the kids always have a great time.

During the party, the kids spend time in both inflatable rooms and then break for pizza and cake.

It's not often that the parents take part in a "kiddie" party, but they have been known to have just as much, if not more fun, than the kids (I have proof....I have pictures)  ;-)

Now, what makes Kids N Motion © even better is that they have open play during the week - great for home schoolers or preschoolers.

They are also open during the winter on snow days and during extended school breaks for when the kids just need to get rid of that extra energy store.

And....for those times when there just isn't a babysitter to be found, there is Parents Night Out.

Every now and then, Kids N Motion © opens up on a Friday night and the kids get to play and eat pizza while Mom and Dad get away for a quick sanity break.

Reservations are required (they fill up quick) and the cost is $20 ($15 for every additional child).

Check them won't be disappointed! There is a Kids N Motion© in both Woodbridge and Fredericksburg.

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