Leesylvania Park Woodbridge VA:
Recreation Along The Potomac River Shoreline

Leesylvania Park Woodbridge VA - explore and enjoy it!  

Leesylvania State Park is just one of the wonderful aspects of living in Prince William County and Woodbridge, Virginia.

As nature lovers, residents of Woodbridge, Virginia and Prince William County, we thoroughly enjoy the proximity to so many state parks, nature preserves, and wildlife conservation areas.

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Leesylvania Park Woodbridge VA

We have visited and thoroughly enjoyed the Leesylvania Park in Woodbridge many times over the years - during school day trips, during summer vacation and on our own in all seasons but that year, the grandchildren were ready to explore Leesylvania beyond the playground and experience the park, along with everything the Virginia State Park system has to offer in the way of organized events and programs.

The drive into the park and to the water's edge is really enjoyable. We never fail to spot deer along the edge of the woods, the occasional bald eagle, ospreys and other wildlife. The most exciting part of the drive (for the boys at least) is to arrive at the hairpin turn in the road just as the VRE, Amtrak or better yet, a CSX freight train crosses the Powell's Creek Bridge railroad trestle over the park road.

For these train buffs, mission accomplished - the day is complete. They know Mom rides the train into town and crosses that bridge at sunrise and sunset.

Powell's Creek - Leesylvania Park Woodbridge VA

"Grandma, you did it!" After hearing the whistle blow at the Woodbridge station, we were ready to snap this pic when a CSX Freight crossed Powell's Creek Bridge at Leesylvania.

Exploring Leesylvania Park Woodbridge VA

Junior Ranger Badge

Already "WebRangers", the grandkids jumped at the opportunity to become Junior Rangers and were eager to participate in the popular Junior Ranger Program offered by various parks including Leesylvania.

It is without hesitation that we recommend this program to anyone and everyone even remotely interested in learning about nature.

Therefore, we just had to share our experience participating in the program.

Our Junior Rangers have already made clear that they are ready to "do it again". In fact, they were figuring out how long they would have to wait (age wise) for the next level when they will be old enough to take a canoe ride.

They were ready to go each morning, eager to experience what the day would bring during their extended hikes through the woods.  They even learned how, using GPS, to locate and hike into Maryland!  Can you guess where?

Each hike turned into a learning experience - learning to identify the trees, examine the bugs, and generally exploring the entire ecosystem of Leesylvania State Park.

The main focus of the program is to not only interest but also inspire children in several age groups to develop an avid enthusiasm in nature as a whole and to give them a "hands on" learning experience of the great outdoors.

While the program activities are expertly tailored for participants in each age group, the program also allows for the participation of a parent or guardian, which is re-assuring for parents of children in the 4 to 6 age group.

The sessions also focus on the history of the park from the Native American period through Colonial times, the war of 1812, the Civil War, and the modern era.

Beyond the Junior Ranger program and the daily events schedule, the park also hosts environmental and charity events – in this case to support a cause close to our hearts - such as the  Annual “Hike For The Cause” slated for August.

Click HERE for a listing of events and programs scheduled for May and June of this year.  Also included is information related to the "tents-only" camping grounds and fees for rental of the four large picnic shelters.

Fishing Leesylvania State Park

Fishing Pier - Leesylvania Park Woodbridge VA

Enjoy fishing?

The Potomac, Powell's Creek and Neabsco Creek are wonderful fishing spots.

You can reel in striped bass, catfish, perch and large mouth bass.

Yes, you will need a Virginia fishing license. It's required.

Into Boating & Water Sports?

Not a problem.  Watch the video below for an overview of the boating ramps and the Lesylvania State Park marina. Leesylvania Park is home to the Woodbridge Sailing School!

When it comes to water sports and swimming...well yes, there is a beach and swimming is allowed within a certain distance from the shoreline.   However, the Potomac River in this area is best left to the fish - especially when the flow from up river is stronger than usual.

Don't walk the beach barefoot. Wear high quality water shoes to avoid finding a fishing hook the hard way.

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Put On The Hiking Boots!

Pick one of the five park trails at Leesylvania Parl Woodbridge VA and go for it.

The Heritage Trail is particularly interesting if you would like to learn about the history behind George Washington's vision for the development of this area.

Lee's Woods Trail is of particular interest to us as it explores the homesteads of two ancestors. If you are a boy, just imagine climbing to FreeStone Point and stepping back in time to when Robert E Lee ordered the Potomac Blockade.  One of the cannons is still in place!

Host Your Family or Office Picnic At Leesylvania Park

Picnic Shelter - Leesylvania Park Woodbridge VA
  • You can sit on a blanket under the trees,
  • Find a spot at a picnic table near one of the grills or
  • If  planning on a grand scale, rent one of the four large picnic shelters.

Rental of the picnic shelters requires advance reservations.  Be sure to call the park well ahead of your planned event.

Interested in a summer job at Leesylvania State Park? Don't hesitate to submit your résumé early. A few of the advertised positions are listed below:

  • Concessionaire Services
  • Junior Ranger Leader
  • Visitor Center/Interpreter
  • and more...

2001 Daniel K. Ludwig Dr., Woodbridge, VA 22191; Phone: 703-730-8205; Email: Leesylvania@dcr.virginia.gov

Be sure to call the park office at Leesylvania Park Woodbridge VA for specific information.

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