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Are you looking for this week's local garage sales? You are probably not the only one.

Fall is in the air and the need to make a dollar stretch more than ever means that people everywhere are looking for super deals and great prices on a variety of articles of clothing and household items.

With the large number of military families who call the Woodbridge, Virginia area home, we also have waves of "moving sales" when the time comes for a permanent change of station.

This page was written to share our tactics for organizing, setting up and having a successful local garage sale.

Yet there are countless techniques and so many ways to organize a great yard sale that we hope you will share them here or, at least, list your upcoming rummage sale.

Our website receives a sizeable amount of local traffic.

Why are yard sales so popular?

Local garage sales are fun and an easy way to make some extra, quick cash.

Why pay full price when you can come away with great deals on a variety of goods from coats, jackets, shoes or boots, bicycles, exercise equipment and even furniture?

One of our garage sales included a rack full of like new, outgrown and never worn dresses, coats and suit jackets with labels still attached - we even sold a pick-up truck.

That year, it was great to find that a few minor tweaks to the organization of the sale, reasonable prices and a freshly brewed cup of coffee offered with a friendly greeting resulted in a successful garage sale which netted "big money".

In fact, we were surprised to find potential customers already parked along the curb before we had even opened the garage doors.

By 10 am, every item we had brought out was sold and the sale evolved into a mini neighborhood gathering complete with warm, out of the oven, homemade sticky buns.

Where To Advertise Local Garage Sales

Just about everything related to sales is posted online these days - even on a local level.

You can even successfully advertise on Craigslist. We've done it for large items such as hospital beds which were best left in place and did not really meet the pricing criteria of the average local garage sales. It also throws a wider net of potential buyers.

You can find listings for everything from estate sales, multi-family and community wide sales (lots of competition), and individual yard sales.

However, for a seasonal yard sale, we do not advertise at all in the papers or online sites.

There is sufficient traffic around Woodbridge, Virginia, on any given weekend morning to attract a sizeable crowd to multiple local garage sales.

Feel free to advertise on this page for added exposure with an RSS feed that automatically posts/pings newly submitted content to our subscriber base.

You can:

  • Fill out the form below to send us the information - we will build the page
  • Use the "page builder" found on the site blog, following the instructions found in the sample garage sale post.

    The Sample Garage Sale Post is an exact replica of the comment enabled page which would be built for your announcement.

    So how did we pull it off? In a press release dated May 16, 2012, attaching yard or garage sale signs to street posts in public right of ways is now illegal and can result in a fines so the best method of advertising is to announce your sale on a local "virtual" community bulletin board.

    According to the Prince William County government website:

    To stay safe and protect the community, residents are encouraged to place their yard or garage sale signs on private property. Better yet, we urge residents to announce their yard and garage sales in local newspapers via classified ads.

    Active yard sale attendees use the newspaper as a primary source when planning their itineraries for the day. This method affords residents the exposure and traffic they want while keeping the County healthy, safe and clutter free.

    The Neighborhood Services Litter Crew and VDOT remove any signs placed illegally in the public right-of-way. In some cases, a fine of $100 can result. If you have any questions on where to place your sign, please contact Neighborhood Services at 703-792-7018 or

    For full details, please visit their website.

    Price It Right

    What is the perfect price for merchandise at your local garage sales? It is the perennial million dollar question. Bottom line? One person's idea of what the item should cost, what they are willing to pay for the item, and it's perceived value does not necessarily match another person's recognition of a great deal on an item they want or need, regardless of the actual cost.

    We've had customers question our sanity about the marked price, then admit they would have paid more!

    Obviously the idea of having a yard sale is to make money but you do not want to under price items which could easily be sold in a consignment store. After all, you are not selling junk or any item you would have thrown in the trash long ago.

    Divide your items according to the condition attributes found on eBay. And lower your prices in increments as the sale progresses...

    For never worn clothing in excellent condition, with tags attached - we mark it 25 to 50% off the original price. If the item was purchased on sale, then 50% off the sale price marked on the attached tag.

    The next category is "like new" for suit jackets, dresses and other items like shoes and boots which have been only worn once and almost immediately outgrown - we usually price them at about 25% of their original value.

    All other articles of clothing fall into set price bins of $1, $2 and $3 depending on their size. Small appliances, furniture and odd pieces are prices individually to sell - what ever price you feel is appropriate.

    In closing, do not allow people to intimidate you into lowering the price to pennies. You are in this to make some money otherwise you could just as easily donate everything to one of the many charities and receive a tax credit when you file with TurboTax online.

    If the person really wants the item, they will eventually pay what you are asking for it...knowing full well that they got a deal. If they decide not to buy because you refuse to lower the price from $1 to 25 cents, rest assured that someone else will be more than happy to pay the dollar.

    After all, it's all about perceived value.

    I'm sure we'll cross paths at the next round of local garage sales.

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