Musings of A Mommy

Spring Violets

The following are the random thoughts... the musings of a mommy.  

The blog is written by me, a mommy to twins, who catches the train into Washington, D.C. on a daily basis and is in a constant search for that elusive work-life balance.  

I am part-number cruncher extraordinaire and part-creative wannabe.  I am music-loving mommy, with a bad case of wanderlust, that loves to bake, watch movies, go to the beach, take pictures of anything and everything (but I am partial to sunrises and sunsets), ride my bike, and scrapbook.  

The blog will cover all of those items plus some (like could I forget the wine?!).

Musings Of A Mommy was started for several reasons.

So, like most of you, I am just a mommy that tries to do the best for her family and work and exercise and....there are 72 hours in a day, right?!  

I am a firm believer in living life to the fullest and making the most of each day.  

When in Rome, I like to live like the Romans and when in Hawaii, I drink as many Mai Tais as humanly possible (but let me tell you about this awesome coffee shop....).  

I wanted to start this blog, one, because I love to write and take pictures, but also because we are all busy and if I can provide a helpful tip to anyone to save them a few minutes (or spare them a bad restaurant), then why not share?

D.C. is truly home, always has been and always will be, but I do have a tendency to roam whenever I get the chance.  

I am a homebody that craves exploration - go figure - I still haven't figured that one out yet.  

So, don't be surprised if I show up in your neck of the woods with some comments on the local BBQ restaurant, children's museum (the one in Indianapolis is FANTASTIC) or place to take a great sunrise picture. 

And the sharing doesn't have to be one-sided.... Come join me on my blogging adventures - even if it's just to find out Santa's favorite cookies (they're double chocolate chip....or at least that's what my Santa loves...) or the best bike path in Central Florida.  

I hope that you enjoy my mommy "adventures" and I welcome you to ponder life, and share your stories, virtually along with me!

Adding your stories is as easy as clicking on the link at the bottom of each post.

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