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Nordstrom Rack
Anchor Store of Neighborhood 1

Nordstrom Rack is the premier shopping destination at Potomac Mills mall.

As the anchor store in Neighborhood 1, it has occupied the same location since the mall opened in 1985.

Fashion styles have changed over the years, however, the designer garment collections found here are classics.

The clothing is first quality and available at a deep discount - at least 30 to 70% below regular retail prices. The merchandise comes from their full line stores, as well as their website store.

The Nordstrom Rack store at Potomac Mills Mall carries clothing for men, women and children, accessories, a small jewelry counter, and a massive collection of designer shoes.

In fact, the shoe racks occupy a good portion of this store, which is only fitting as Nordstrom first opened in 1901 as a shoe store.

The Shoe Department

at Nordstrom Rack never disappoints in its assortment of designer shoes. The incredible savings make even high priced shoes affordable, especially when you add a red dot sale.

As a result, it is very easy to purchase more than one pair. Oops, did I say that?

  • Seibel shoes for less than $60.
  • $165.00 Mephisto sports shoes for a cool $49.99
  • Merrell at more than 50% off,
  • Cole Haan, Juicy Couture,
  • boots, flats, patents, and gladiators.

The selection is endless and you will find yourself spending a good amount of time trying on footwear.

Our recommendation? If the shoe fits, buy it. You are not likely to find it again, in your size and at a Nordstrom Rack price.

Do you enjoy shopping on a budget?

Are you attending a summer wedding, a cocktail party or looking forward to a performance at the Kennedy Center?

Plan and shop for that special floor length gown for the Marine Corps ball.

Designer names include St. John Knits, BCBG, Façionnable, Calvin Klein, Anne Klein and Michael Kors - just to name a few of the famous label garment collections.

Neighborhood 1 Entrance at Potomac Mills MallNordstrom Rack remains a favorite shopping destination. Whenever anyone needs a garment for a special occasion, something with a designer touch, we all head to the rack and we have the good fortune of living very close to the store.

Experience dictates that we shop the Rack first, and then check at other stores.

When perfectly planned, it is always a quick shopping spree. Nordstrom Rack is the perfect combination of discount prices, upscale fashion, and high quality clothing whether you are looking for a coat, a dress, blouses, menswear, shirts or a designer t-shirt!

Half an hour of focused shopping usually results in a special "find" at a bargain basement price.

However, you need to have the store's floor plan memorized, be prepared to zero in on your favorite department and focus on exactly the item you are there to buy. It is very easy to become distracted with other merchandise.

On the negative side, garment rounders and racks are constantly on the "move".

The clothes seem to vanish from day to day. Sometimes, an entire section or "brand" is moved to another rack, in another part of the store. At times, the entire rack has been moved to another area of the store, resulting in a momentary panic, especially if looking for a specific item you found the day before and finally decided to purchase.

Sadly, you also have to be wary of those who will automatically pick up the item you just put back on the rack. If you hesitate, you lose. Just put it in the cart until you are positive you do not want that jacket, blouse or pair of jeans.

The morale of this story is this...if it fits, buy it when you see it. You can always return it if you change your mind later.

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