My Personal Cookbook:
A Collection of Favorite Recipes

My personal cookbook is now online.  It's a collection of recipes from years gone by right up to today.

The children are grown, but requests for traditional family favorites still come up.  I still hear it on a regular basis, especially around this time of the year.

In a hurry to create a personal cookbook? ===>This is the software I used! There are other cookbook software choices but you can also collect your recipes into a binder.

Eventually, a request is made for the recipe along with details on how to make it taste exactly as they remember the dish.

These requests come associated with the guilt of not knowing where I stashed the recipe! Now I do.  

Years ago, I edited a school cookbook but this method is much easier.  You too can create a cookbook using this software.

With the personal cookbook, family members near and far can access and print out their favorite everyday or seasonal recipes.

It also allows me the opportunity to sort through the vintage recipes, adjust the ingredients, or maybe tweak the recipe.

I have gathered decades worth of family recipe clippings for everything from 4th of July Al Fresco dining to family reunion Thanksgiving dinners.  

They are streamlined into one neat online heritage cookbook titled De's Home Style Food Crafting.  

  • "Mom, do you remember when you made....?" 
  • "Do you still have the recipe for...?" 
  • "How did you prepare...?"

New recipes are posted to my Personal Cookbook on a regular basis !

 The Cookbook Collector

In fact, we have a solid following on Pinterest, and Twitter as well.

There is no doubt about it - gathering favorite recipes is a family thing.

It goes back at least four generations, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Our recipe collection includes newspaper clippings from 1898.

We even started a collection of traditional holiday recipes - all family favorites.

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