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Real estate...sure, it is a legal term with various connotations.

In fact, there are many definitions of the term but this is how we personally relate to it.

"It is the land, including buildings on it and its natural assets such as the air above it, the geographical location, the water surrounding it, and most importantly, its potential as a home."

As transplants to the area in the 1970s, what lured us here to Woodbridge, Virginia was affordable housing. As nature lovers, we loved the vast wooded areas and the many outdoor recreation areas.

Now, as Woodbridge residents of more than 35 years, it is obvious that we arrived just in time to settle in, and during the 80's, witness what is without a doubt the largest development boom of the Washington D.C. suburbs.

Yet, it was a job offer...you know the kind you cannot refuse, that suddenly brought us to this area of northern Virginia. Woodbridge presented a remarkable change in scenery and surroundings from home ownership a mile away from the Blue Ridge Parkway, in the mountains of North Carolina.

We were lucky enough to be able to live with family while we leisurely explored the various areas around the Washington D.C. Beltway that we could potentially call home.

I-495 was "dissected" into sections and each was explored in detail. In the end, we settled on Woodbridge, Va.

That was more than 35 years ago...and we are still here.

So why did we settle here, in Prince William County? Living in Woodbridge, Virginia offers a variety of rewards.

We are within a short (but not always easy) driving distance of Washington D.C., the Pentagon, the Naval Research Lab, Ft. Belvoir, Bolling and Andrews Air Force bases, Marine Corps Base Quantico and many other military installations.

Virginia real estate in general is in demand because residents are only a short distance from a day at the beach during the summer months or a ski weekend at Massanutten.

Where else can you live and be no more than a couple hours from the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic seashore and the Shenandoah Mountains, enjoy four distinctive seasons, literally walk in the footsteps of our nation's history, or enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the nation's capital?

Where else can you listen to a country band or attend the latest performance at the Kennedy Center...and still get home in time for the late night news?

We feel certain that you too can find a corner of real estate to call home, right here in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Our home sits on a parcel of land with great past historical significance and within the boundaries of the Chesapeake Conservation Area but a bevy of fabulous local realtors, who happen to be longtime residents, can help you locate all manner of real estate property in Woodbridge proper and outlying communities.

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Bainbridge River Oaks, Signal Hill and Potomac Heights are just some of the apartment communities you'll hear and come across as you start your local search.

 Find your little corner of real estate in Woodbridge, Virginia

The "Woodbridge" area is divided into many large, well established communities, sub-divisions and neighborhoods.

One of these communities is bound to be not too big or too small but just perfect for you and your family.

All have mushroomed in size over the years but each has a reason for remaining on the "favorites" list...depending on community perks, superb county schools, many places of worship, fabulous local and state parks as well as a multitude of recreational facilities.

Let's not forget what may well be their prime selling point - proximity to I-95.

It goes without saying that nearly everyone here commutes some distance to work and where we live in the greater Woodbridge, Virginia area depends in good part on how far we are willing to commute to work.

So, welcome home neighbor!

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Jennifer Rivera

If you want to buy a home, sell a home, or rent a home in the Woodbridge, VA area, or if you just have questions about real estate in general contact:

Jennifer Rivera,Veteran and Army Wife
Move4Free Realty LLC
Office: (571)292-5377, ext.112

Quantico Realty Group LLC

Twins Selling Real Estate

Peggy James and Patty Blackwelder sell real estate, primarily in the Lake Ridge and Woodbridge, Virginia area.

Be sure to visit their page on our site. Drop them a line to ask questions.

If you're thinking of buying a home or selling one...give the Twins Selling Real Estate a call.


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