Riding The Prancer Express

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Santa Train Passengers 12/1//2010

Santa Train Passengers 12/1//2010

Santa Train Passengers 12/1//2010
Woodbridge VA VRE Station

Woodbridge, Virginia Prancer Express - Santa and Mrs. ClausOne of our favorite "things to do" during the holiday season...

Riding the Santa Train and participating in the Marine Corps Toys For Tots Campaign.

It was a might chilly waiting in the long line at the Woodbridge VRE Station yesterday but the weather could have been colder and as blustery as it was the day before.

As the only Santa Train scheduled for Woodbridge, Virginia, The Prancer Express arrived on schedule and woe to those who were held up in traffic as this train left the station at 9:30 am!

We enjoyed a smooth ride down the rails all the way to the King Street station and back while Santa (dare I say Santas?) made their way through the rail cars taking lots of mental notes.

Any guesses as to what was on our lists? Trains of course.

Duely noted...including the fact that Santa's favorite cookies have sprinkles on them. Might as well make sure the right cookies are left out on Christmas Eve.

I am, however, eternally grateful that our little ones were too preoccupied taking notes on the actual train - how many double decker cars, the diesels and their ID numbers (they are totally into trains) to notice that the Santa and Mrs. Claus who spoke with them on the train ride were not the same pair which were holding court on the platform at the end of the excursion.

So a quick exit stage left was required as this little detail would not have escaped them any other time!

Did you meet Santa and Mrs. Claus on the Prancer Express? Share your experience!

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Aug 11, 2013
Re: Two Prancer Express Santas
by: Anonymous

Hi Santa!

When we made the comment about the two Santas, it was not our intent to be critical of the Toys For Tots event.

We had a blast that chilly day riding the Prancer Express as well as having a chat with Santa.

Spotting the details (even minute details) just happens to be a "skill" which the kids excel at...and had they not been totally preoccupied with the train and other aspects of being at the Woodbridge VRE station, under any other circumstance, two different Kris Kringles would have jumped out at them.

Adding an Elf sounds great!

Our kids loved the experience and from the reaction of other children, both on and off the train, riding the Prancer Express remains an exciting event.

See you at Christmas time!

Aug 07, 2013
My apologies!
by: Anonymous

Due to your comment, dual Santa's on the Prancer Express will not happen again.

I requested that I be the only Santa on the train every year.

Last year we added an Elf to our team and the kids loved it.

We meet and greet on the platform afterwards with no confusions and plenty of photos.

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