Top Rated Schools...

Schools in the Woodbridge, Virginia area are among the very best in Prince William County and provide a top notch education.

Regardless of the issues involved in your decision making...public, private, traditional or alternative, you are sure to find an outstanding fit for your student.

In fact, for 2008, twenty-nine in the public sector were named "Schools of Excellence", in this the second largest district in Virginia.

When we moved to Woodbridge, Virginia more than 30 years ago, it was more important to find a good home than it was to immediately locate a perfect learning environment for our daughter.

We had a couple years ahead of us to study the local educational system. As it turns out, our children literally grew with it!

After a few years in a private academic preschool, both our children were enrolled in the public system.

Later, our only residential move within Woodbridge resulted in a complete change of boundaries. These boundaries were, thankfully, more in line with the various residential neighborhoods, particularly ours...

Where your children go to school obviously depends entirely on the neighborhood you decide to live in and which schools fall within those particular boundaries. Here are the approved attendance boundaries for Prince William County.

Once you've found a place to call home, refer to the Prince William County school website.

An ever growing population base also means new buildings to accommodate new students. Still on the drawing boards or in the planning stages?

It is always good to determine if any such plans will affect your new neighborhood.

Prince William County Schools - Find Yours

Early Learning

Not all child care and daycare facilities in Woodbridge include preschool academic programs. Many, however, do provide a variety of enrichment programs.

However, if looking for an academic program, check into whether the curriculum is based on simple, age appropriate social, math, and language programs or whether they offer a standardized, structured curriculum in these skills.

Listed below are some of the larger early learning centers offering academic programs:

KinderCare, Minnieland and Prince William Academy also offer extensive summer camp programs.

Public Education

For Kindergarten through 5th grade, there are 19 public elementary schools in the immediate Woodbridge, Virginia area referred to as the "eastern" side of the county.

There are another nineteen in the "close-in" neighboring communities considered the "central" county zone.

For grades 6 through 8th, children attend Lynn, Rippon, Woodbridge, Beville, Godwin, and Lake Ridge Middle.

For grade 9 through 12, Woodbridge has:

  • Freedom HS at 15201 Neabsco Mills Road [zip code 22191], with Environmental and Natural Sciences as its specialty program is Woodbridges' newest institution for secondary education.
  • Woodbridge HS at 3001 Old Bridge Road [zip code 22192] opened in 1974. It is the center for the Fine and Performing Arts.
  • Looking for an IB school in Woodbridge, VA?
    Gar-Field HS located at 14000 Smoketown [zip code 22192] opened in 1953 and serves the communities of Dumfries, Montclair, Dale City, and Woodbridge.
    The International Baccalaureate Program at Garfield is one of the largest IB programs in the world. The school offers 29 courses in this a rigorous two-year, pre-university course of study.
  • Hylton HS at 14051 Spriggs Road [zip code 22193] opened in 1991. It's specialty is International Studies and Languages.
  • Forest Park HS at 15721 Forest Park Drive [zip code 22193] opened in 2000. It serves the communities of Montclair, Ashland, Brittany, Dumfries, Williamstown, Quantico, and Triangle. It is also the home of one of Prince William County's two Centers for Information Technology [IT].
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    Private Education

    At last count, there were at least 15 private learning centers in Woodbridge, Virginia.

    They include non-sectarian, church affiliated, as well those offering the Montessori method.

    Parochial Education

    • St. Thomas Aquinas at 13750 Mary's Way, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191. Their telephone number is (703) 491-4447 | Fax (703) 492-8828.
    • Holy Family at 14160 Ferndale Road, Woodbridge, Virginia 22193
    • In historic Dumfries, Virginia - less than 10 miles from Woodbridge, is the sparkling new John Paul Catholic High School. Part of the Arlington Diocese, it is the newest Prince William County HS.

    Magnet Programs

    Woodbridge has 12 magnet centers which offer special curricula, such as math-science or performing arts programs.

    Newsweek magazine refers to it as "public elite". We call it "TJ" and as a Governor's School, Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology -- located in Alexandria, Virginia, "T-J" has 13 science and technology research labs and more than 10 post-AP courses.

    Title 1 Programs

    According to the U.S. Department of Education, the purpose of the Title 1 program [No Child Left Behind Act] is to improve the academic achievements of all disadvantaged children.

    With this goal in mind, states and local institutions are accountable for providing the curriculum, materials and standards by which students can achieve a high quality of education.

    Woodbridge has 13 learning centers which are eligible for Title 1 funding.