The Springwood Shopping Center: 

Let's go shopping Along Smoketown Road and Golansky Boulevard.

The Springwood Shopping Center is a well established retail center which has seen some turn around over the years but "keeps on trucking".

It is situated at what has become one of the busiest intersection along Smoketown Road - the intersection with Golansky Boulevard.

In fact, the entire stretch of Smoketown between Minnieville Road and the Prince William Parkway has seen tremendous growth.

The Springwood Shopping Center has maintained its attraction thanks in great part to it's prime location smack in the middle of the continued local retail and real estate development.

With the exception of a few businesses which have come and gone over time, including one of my favorites - C.L.Barnes Furniture - the shopping center is now anchored by the Powerhouse Gym.

All businesses in the Springwoods shopping center are listed with a Golansky Boulevard address. The numbers run from 3041 through 3115 Golansky Boulevard, Woodbridge, VA 22192.

We've marked the map (click to enlarge) to indicate the actual location of several Springwood businesses.

The group circled in red is located at the small yellow arrow, within the shopping center. State Route 3000? It's the Prince William Parkway.

The shopping center is bookended by Flooring America® and the Powerhouse Gym - the anchor store.

Located at 3115 Golansky Boulevard, Woodbridge, Virginia, the gym offers all the weight-training, exercise, and fitness program equipment you would ever want to get into or stay in shape. The facility has amenities suited for everyone from those just starting an exercise program to the experienced bodybuilder.

You can call them at (703)680-2992 or visit during their hours of operation: Open Monday 4:30am to 12am; Tuesday through Thursday open 24 Hours; Friday 12am to 10pm; and weekends 8am to 8pm.

Powerhouse Gym - Springwood Shopping CenterPowerhouse Gym - Springwood Shopping Center

Flooring America® is at 3041 Golansky Boulevard. Their telephone number is (703)691-3100 or 888-824-1395.

Now let's many rooms have we carpeted using their flooring choices?

They have hardwoods, ceramics, laminates and of course, carpeting. You can even request a free "pre-measure" for your project.

Springwood Shopping Center Eateries

Hungry but you can't decide what to eat?

How about pizza? Surely you've had Vocelli pizza. They are at 3139 Golansky Boulevard, across the driveway from the the car wash. The local number is [703]580-8300. A family favorite - not only do they deliver seven days a week but they also deliver on the quality and the classic flavors of Italy.

On Nascar Sundays or Lady's Night, order the wings. On Fridays and Saturdays, there is live music at Morgan's Sports Bar and Lounge. Call them at (703)670-8079.

Ready to be the next idol? You can "audition" during karaoke nights...and if the vocal chords are not fine tuned as you expected, sit down and have dinner. The menu features appetizers, steaks and sandwiches.

A taste for something south of the border? How about some of the best Mexican food in town?

El Paso's Mexican Restaurant is family owned and operated. They are at 3051 Golanzky Boulevard, facing Smoketown Road but only accessible from Golansky and the main entrance to Springwood Shopping Center. Their telephone number is 703-878-2856. Their weekly lunch specials are offered between 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. along with a 15% discount to military, police and fire fighters!

If that is not exotic enough, you can have dinner at the Korean Grill and Rolls. For authentic Korean food, drive to the Grill at 3131 Golansky Boulevard, Woodbridge, VA 22192-4223. They have great reviews so call them at (703)680-3500.

And for those of us who have spent years of quality time in Afghanistan, there is the Kabul Halal Market, where you can stock up on all the familiar foods. The store is next to Vocelli's at 3143 Golansky Boulevard, Woodbridge, VA 22192 - their telephone number is (703)590-7171.

halah market - springwood shopping center

What else can we find at Springwood Shopping Center?

Painted Visions Comics; 3065 Golansky Boulevard, Woodbridge, Virginia 22192 (703) 730-8457

To add reviews for Painted Visions Comics, just add them to the form below. The resulting entry will appear at the bottom of this page.

Polaris Press LLC is available for business cards and a variety of other business related materials. They are located at 3069 Golansky Boulevard. Their phone number is (703)680-6060 and their Fax is (703)680-6087. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday: 8:00am to 6:00pm EST.

American Best Tae Kwan Do is located at 3089 Golansky Boulevard, Woodbridge, VA 22192. Their telephone is (703)680-2962.

Not only do they offer offer training for all levels and ages, they also have birthday packages, a Spring Break Camp, a summer camp program and a variety of competitions.

Looking for a beauty salon in the Springwood Shopping Center? The Perfect Touch is located at 3097 Golansky Boulevard, Woodbridge, VA 22192. Make an appointment by calling (703)897-9992 and if you are one their clients, why not leave a review below?

Naturally, when you have a beauty salon, you need equipment and supplies. It seems totally apropos to have The Smoketown Beauty Supply in the immediate vicinity! Located at 3093 Golansky Blvd, Woodbridge, VA 22192, their telephone number is (703)878-2034.

Hoglund-Bergha, Asa - Propel Physical Therapy (703)580-5183; 3135 Golansky Blvd, Woodbridge, VA 22192

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