Sushi Jin Woodbridge Va:  Top Quality,
Excellent Service and Best Japanese Food

Sushi Jin Woodbridge Va - Are there any authentic Japanese food and Sushi restaurants in Woodbridge, Virginia? The answer is はい .

When you suggest it to friends and family, they probably immediately think of those hibachi grill type restaurants or the ever-popular sushi.

Carry Out Time!

Break out the fancy chopsticks and set the table with your best sushi plates. Eat at home.

This Sushi Jin review courtesy of our resident 愛好家 for all things Nippon  :-)

From the traditional teppenyaki (鉄板焼き) style cuisine cooked on a iron griddle at the Japanese Steak House, the all-you-can-eat food at the Hibachi Grill & Buffet and now authentic Japanese street food at Sushi Jin, next time you want a change of flavor, be sure to give a どうもありがとう shoutout to our Japanese restaurants in Woodbridge, Virginia!  Itadakimasu!

Wondering what all the fuss is about?
====> Read all about how to make Japanese street food favorites.

Sushi refers to the rice that used in the various types of sushi.  The rice is a unique short-grain variant that is washed and then steamed with rice vinegar, which makes the individual grains stick together.

Japanese restaurants offer many other authentic dishes to discover besides those standard crowd pleasers, but let's concentrate on my favorite - sushi.

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Eat At Sushi Jin Woodbridge VA!

At Sushi Jin Next Door in Potomac Town Place, passports are not required - just chopsticks and a sense of adventure!

The sushi I enjoyed was expertly prepared and tasted amazing. I picked some fatty tuna, “otoro”, sashimi (sashimi is raw fish by itself without the rice), and spicy tuna and eel maki.

The sashimi was, in a word, exquisite.

You can see the fattiness in the whitish marbling of the tuna, and the flavor is amazing. Try it without the soy sauce or wasabi; it is worthy of eating it by itself.

The maki I enjoyed are relatively commonplace, but the freshness of the ingredients and preparation made them taste that much better.

If sushi isn’t your thing, there are other entrée items on the menu.

They include noodle and soup dishes such as ramen and udon, as well as donburi.

Other appetizer choices include yakitori, gyoza, and shumai.

Completely addicting, you won’t want to share! Here is more information about Takoyaki seasonings...

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