Why NOW is the time to buy Real Estate!

by Garrick

Why NOW is the time to buy Real Estate

Extremely under-valued homes and properties, record low interest rates, more people needing to rent these days, I could go on and on....

Here's the deal in a nutshell: Properties are cheap and interest rates are very favorable. Buy low, cash flow, then sell for a profit. If you have ever thought about investing in real estate NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

In 10-15 years from now, the real estate market will be stronger. I believe that and I am a real estate investor. If you purchase a good property in a good location at a price that is under the current market's value then I believe you will be profitable long term.

Here's how to play this market:

Purchase a duplex and live in one side while renting the other side out. Do this for at least 5 years. Then if you want your own place simply move out and rent both sides out. Banks are willing to loan money for these types of purchases. This is a great method for a young first time buyer.

Or you could simply purchase a single family rental or duplex and rent it out. Since this would be purely investment property the bank will require more money down.

Here's the key points though for either scenario:

1. Plan on holding the property for at least 5 years or more. No flipping in this market.

2. You must buy less than market value.

3. You must buy in a good location.

If you execute this plan, you will have a great investment on your hands! For more information and real estate ideas visit www.s-up-realestateinvesting.com

Good Luck!

Garrick Smith

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